Episode 006: What Business Systems Are Required for Success?

In our last podcast we talked about how to build automated business systems — but which systems do you actually build and why? What are some examples and how can you automate your online service-based business?

We answer all of those questions in today’s episode — let’s dive in!

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In our last video we talked about how to build automated systems in your business, but which systems do you build and why?

What are some examples and how can you automate your online service based business? We answer all those questions and more in this episode.

Let's dive in. Hello everybody. Khadirah Muhammad here again from succeeding with Systems. I am your systems implementation engineer here to teach you all things about systems, processes, technology and automation so that way you can leverage these systems and be able to build the lifestyle freedom of your dreams and take back all of your time.

Now, the very first system we're gonna talk about our marketing system, primarily marketing automation. This is your first step in being able to automate the process of you getting in front of your ideal customers so that way you can sell them, you can get them the book sales calls and you can be able to help them immediately.

Your marketing system should allow you to automatically get in front of the right people at the right time. This is how you market your personal brand, your business brand and your products and services to your ideal customer market.
You can actually automate marketing systems easily using a few categories. You can automate your emails, you can automate your SMS messages, newsletters, social media content and video content and really so much more and that's just online.

You really want to focus on automating your marketing content and your marketing systems immediately so that way you're always getting in front of your ideal customers at all times without marketing and without automating your marketing.

That makes the other departments in your business are really going to slack and slow down and you don't want that to happen.

By the way, quick plug, this is a part of where we teach our clients and we teach everybody at succeeding with systems.
So if you wanna learn more, you just gotta go to the site. The next system to focus on is your fulfillment system, aka the system and the department that actually fulfills the services or products that your customers and clients buy from you.
The reason I suggest that you focus on automating your fulfillment process next is so that way you can start to take yourself out of your fulfillment department.

A lot of times this is where a lot of entrepreneurs find themselves stuck at because once they start signing on a client and they start working with a client, they tend to actually lack and slack in their marketing, in their sales processes, in their other operations cuz their focus on fulfilling the client immediately.

So some areas you want to be able to automate in your fulfillment department are the following. You have onboarding service delivery, customer support and customer communication, quality assurance and off boarding and really there's a few others as well.

This is how you're gonna be able to automate your fulfillment systems so that way again, you're focused on what you want to do, not all the other things that you don't really wanna do.

The next system you wanna focus on automating is your admin system or your operations system. This is really like the back inside of your business and it's usually what a lots, you may consider the boring parts of your business, but personally it's the parts that I really, really love.

This is extremely important because it's all about supporting the rest of the systems and departments in your business. It's not something that you wanna keep in the back of your mind.

You really want to be able to focus and automate it and put systems in place immediately in this department. Now this is where you deal with invoicing, team communications, team meetings, team interaction, maybe additional customer support, data entry, overall organization and other areas of operational assistance.

And there's really a lot more to it. I know most of us don't really like to deal with all this.

We think it's small, especially cuz it's not directly sales related, but it is extremely crucial to have this side of your business taken care of so that way it promotes efficiencies throughout the rest of your business.

You don't wanna slack here or else you will slack everywhere else, I promise. Quick side note, the admin system or operations system is one of the only systems and departments in your business that is meant to not promote sales or promote marketing, right?

The point of this process and the point of this department is to actually promote efficiencies. It's supposed to help make everything go faster, especially in your sales, especially in your marketing.

Now, I mentioned this because this again is another reason why people don't wanna focus on the admin side or the operation side because they think it has nothing to do with sales or marketing, but I have to tell you that is not true.
Now, speaking of revenue, that actually leads us into our next department and our next system. Let's talk about sales. Now.

Sales are the life force of any business and systems support sales. So having a structure here is absolutely crucial. Now, the reason I didn't put sales at a higher place in this list is because I don't think it's should be the first place that you automate or that you instantly install systems in.

I'll tell you why. As you're growing your business, whether you just started or whether you're more of an emerging person and you're making 5,000, $10,000, $15,000 per month already, you likely have a way that you want to sell and it could take some time for you to really craft your sales process.

In addition, you may also pivot on your services, which may also change how you sell. And while I think you should be documenting your sales process, I don't think you should be trying to automate it immediately.
Now of course this really depends on your business, your business model your prices, your ideal customers. This all impacts the way that you sell.

But for the majority of people listening, you likely make your sales in person or like face to face via zoom.
It's unlikely that everything is just done like extremely just with like a sales phone or something like that. Now some of you may have that right?

And so therefore you may be able to automate your sales process a lot faster. But because sales are the life force of your brand and life force of your business, I do not suggest that you try to completely automate it.

But you should try to install efficiencies to make it easier for you to make the sale. Now here are a few parts of the sales system and the sales department that you can try to automate and put systems in immediately.
So this includes prospecting, appointment booking, sales calls, follow up calls, your closing process, upselling, downselling, and a lot more involved than that.

Now there's quite a few steps that goes into your sales process. There's quite a few different ways that you can actually conduct your sales process.

So again, you should be documenting, but don't try to immediately automate it, especially if you haven't had a key, then you don't have it really optimized as in your actual closing process as much as possible.

Well, there you have it everybody. These are my preferred four main departments as you should be trying to systematize in your business and in my preferred order, if you want to learn how your business can set up systems immediately, I suggest you go to succeeding with systems.com to learn how we can help you.

You can also click the first link in the description and if you especially wanna learn how you can install marketing automation systems into your business, then I suggest you look at our resource that we have below and you'll actually be able to book a strategy call with my team and or myself and we will help you actually implement marketing automation systems in your business.

Again, everybody give this video a like a comment and subscribe to the channel. I really, really appreciate everybody and if you wanna learn any particular automation, any particular systems, please put a comment below.
We would love to know and we are happy to make a video as specific to that. Thank you everyone. Again, this is Khadirah Muhammad, I will see you all in the next episode.


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