Below are my list of recommended Marketing Automation & Business Tools I know New and Veteran Entrepreneurs Need!

I kid you not - I use Loom evvvvvvveryday! It is a screen recording software that will instantly upload and make your videos shareable.

I use loom to make video SOPs, to quickly talk to my staff or my clients and quickly explain my thoughts or give instructions.

Do you know how easy it is to talk to your team (who is all online) when you can just record yourself doing something via video? It's incredible!

Check out loom here

Google Drive is a super easy to use tool that will let you upload your files and organize them online. It's connected to your Gmail Account (Free & Paid) and is an incredible tool to make documents and keep your info somewhere safe

I use the paid version of Google Drive via GSuite (now called Google Workspace) because it gives me more space and more security for when I share docs with my staff and virtual assistants

You can sign up for Google Drive via Google Workspace by clicking here

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Google Workspace Business Standard Plan


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